6 Main Causes of Hair Fall

Causes of hair loss: Today every third person is troubled by the problem of hair loss. For the strength of the hair remains, people do not know what measures are taken, but their results are rarely seen. The biggest reason for hair loss is the smallest mistakes we make, which we do inadvertently. These mistakes help in damaging the hair. Due to this, hair starts weakening and breaking. Know about the mistakes you make due to which your hair starts to weaken and break down.

Rubbing with Towel

Often women use towels to dry hair after washing. Rubbing the hair vigorously cleanses the hair and weakens the roots of hair. If you dry hair like this too, change this habit. Dry the water by pressing the towels on the hair.

Combing Wet Hair

Often women start combing wet hair after washing their hair. Doing this is not good for hair health. Wet hair is much weaker than dry hair, so when combing wet hair, it gets crushed from the root due to stress on the unresolved hair. Due to this the hair strength also starts to decrease.

Tying up wet hair

Just as it is not right to comb on wet hair, it is also not right to tie wet hair. This also weakens the hair roots and causes hair to fall out.

Use Dryers

Wet hair is often used by women dryers to dry hair quickly, whose warm air helps to completely eliminate hair proteins. It becomes the biggest cause of hair loss. Also, split ends may cause dehydration. If you want to avoid hair fall, then dry your hair naturally and do not use the dryer.

Shampoo Every day

Using shampoo to clean hair also weakens hair roots. This not only causes hair to break, but they also become dry and frizzy. Also, avoid rubbing the entire hair while shampooing. Shampoos are not used to clean hair, but to remove dirt from the scalp. In this case, do not rub the shampoo in your hair too much. The chemicals in it can damage the hair by shampooing every day.

Do not apply Conditioners

Not cleaning the conditioner after cleaning the hair is the biggest cause of hair loss. If you want to prevent hair loss, use a good quality conditioner. It closes cuticles and makes hair soft. Conditioner should be used not only on the scalp but only on hair.