4 Unique ways to Express Love which will Touch the Hearts

Every relationship needs some effort to be strong, successful and intact. You have to do something that makes your partner happy. Expensive gifts and some surprises are not enough for a long-lasting relationship. Sometimes your small things help to make your partner special. If you are thinking about what you should do to make your partner happy, here are some tips that can help you. Some small efforts that can make your partner’s day.

Etiquette of Public Affection

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Write a letter

Now you must be thinking that where you have phone, message, internet, what is the need of letter? But let us tell you that they have very special importance. All you have to do is write your feelings on a small letter and place this letter in such a place that your partner will definitely see it there. Such as on a wallet or dressing table. You can write something special for your partner. If you are good at drawing, you can write a small cartoon or just draw some lines. Doing this will make your partner very happy.



If your partner has a bad day, then pamper them to correct their mood. This is the best way to fix their mood. Do not let your partner work at home and free them for some time from day to day responsibilities. Grab some flowers or your partner’s favorite dessert or ice cream, which will make them happy.

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Dedicate a song

The song can help you express a lot without saying a lot of times. You can choose a song from your playlist that reminds your partner of something related to them. If you want, you can send them by singing or recording the song in your voice. Your partner will like this thing very much and may listen to that song throughout the day.

Express love on social media

In today’s era, everyone’s life revolves around social media. People also think more about what they post on social media. All you need to do is take a picture of the two of you and post it on social media with romantic captions. This way you can tag your partner with some memes or romantic signs in this post.