5 Steps to Follow to Find a Way in to a Woman’s Heart

You’ve known her for long enough, been on several dates, long drives, and candlelit dinners that are not new anymore. But when it comes to taking your relationship to the next level you fumble, falter, and just can’t figure out how to make that vital first move. You are not alone when it comes to getting intimate with a woman, most men don’t know how to get the action kick-started.


So, what should you do that lets your love interest know what’s exactly on your mind without having to spill the beans to her? Answers relationship expert, Arvinder Kaur, “As goes the old adage ‘actions speak louder than words’ when it comes to winning your dream woman.”

So, here are some real life tips to help you make your way into your lady love’s heart and leaving her crave for more…

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Start with being chivalrous

A common mistake that most men make is expecting to get a woman and explore her all at once! The truth is that by doing so, they would simply scare her off. To begin with, it is the art of touching a woman that matters most. Win her over it in a way that she gradually gets comfortable with your touch. You can begin by offering her your arm while walking down the street or gently touching her back as you open the door for her.


Arpit Kaushik (name changed on request), 34, a manager with a multi national company tells us his mantra to win a woman’s heart. “I have dated at least four women since the time I was in college. One thing that I’ve learnt from my experience is that they pay a lot of attention to good manners and chivalry. They are not too comfortable with just about any acquaintance touching their body. So, you need to take it really slow. Once they are convinced that you respect them and value their consent before making a physical gesture, they’ll trust you and your touch.”Agreeing with Kaushik, Naina Awasthi (name changed on request), a marketing professional adds, “Women certainly have a sense of judgment when it comes to a man touching her. I would certainly not appreciate a person who I am not comfortable with to kiss me or take me to bed right away. Women like guys who take their time getting to know her mind first before graduating to the next level.”

The whispering game

Why not be different when it comes to making the first move? Instead of kissing her right on her lips, try sharing a secret. “When whispering sweet nothings to your girl, speak in a sexy way as women tend to pay more attention to your tone rather than what you say. Deepen your voice, speak slowly and with conviction. Take care not to make it too dramatic,” suggests Sunil Garg, an expert on love-related issues.


Mohit Malviya (name changed on request), 29, who works with a call centre in Gurgaon adds, “My girlfriend loves me whispering in her ear. It really turns her on. I think most women like men who are expressive and generous with compliments. So, I always make it a point to tease my girl by whispering something like, ‘You look sexy tonight’ or ‘Want to go back home?’ if we are at a party. It works for me.” “Ears are an erogenous part of the female body. Murmured words have a greater impact than a high-pitched or loud voice. A soft and subtle voice is a sure shot way to turn on a woman,” explains Garg.

Give her clues

Did you know that giving her clues or teasing her about having love can be the first step to ‘actually’ having it? Unfortunately, some men tend to blurt out their sexual desires and end up portraying themselves as creepy. So, instead of being overtly direct in your conversation, try dropping sexual hints. For instance, if she tells you that you are good at driving, tell her you are good at several things and see the magic working for you.
Gautam Acharya (name changed on request), 28, an IT professional says, “I was madly in love with a girl whom I met at my gym. I was very attracted to her and we soon became friends. I proposed to her after a couple of months and we started dating. I knew it right from the beginning that she wasn’t the kind of person who would let me get close to her too soon. So I started behaving as if she was trying to hit on me. If she ever asked me to drop her home, I teased her by saying, ‘Oh! So you’re trying to get too close to me?’ She just loved it. And surprisingly, soon after she was the one who made the first move.

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Patience is a virtue!

Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to winning your woman. Teasing her in the right ways and keeping her waiting will make her want more of you. Keep her anticipating. Hold her as if you were just about to kiss her, gently move your fingers through her hair and then whisper tenderly in her ear, but don’t kiss her just yet. Women just love men who possess self-control. Set the stage and hold back for a while. Don’t be surprised if she grabs you soon after!

Nikhil Maheshwari (name changed on request), 32, who works with a telecom company in Mumbai confesses, “I firmly believe that patience is the key. When I am in the mood for some action, all I need to do is tempt my wife. I make the first move, turn her on and playfully leave it mid-way. And most of the times, she comes back to me, vying for more.”

Namrata Chabbra (name changed on request), 26, a software professional adds, “My husband tempts me to turn me on. It’s certainly a lot of fun. And I must say that one needs a lot of will power to be patient when it comes to making love.”

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Get naughty, play games

Look for ways to get closer to her  whether it’s helping her learn a sport or turning on some soothing music and asking her out for a dance. Also, take care not to be too boring in your conversation  don’t ask predictable questions. Instead of being a dud, ask her something like, “What’s your zodiac sign?” Add something like, “You know what they say about Taureans?”

Vikram Motwani (name changed on request), 27, who works with a private bank in Delhi observes, “My girlfriend gets turned on with things I could never even have thought of. At times, it is a romantic dance in a crowded party or swimming together on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I try to find out new ways to get her in the mood and keep the passion alive.”

“Most women love men who are unpredictable and experimental  somebody who is always willing to do different things to win her heart. This technique also helps couples from keeping monotony and boredom out of their relationship,” adds Manmeet.

o strengthen the bonding between you,” adds Archana!

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