Should Sunscreen be applied in Winter? Some myths and facts !

Myths about Sunscreen: Applying sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and its damage. Sunscreen is one of the most commonly used cosmetics as a skin care product. But, where it is necessary to apply sunscreen to avoid the hot summer heat. At the same time, many people avoid applying sunscreen during rainy or cold weather. As the sun gets less in winter and rain, and that is why people do not apply sunscreen at this time. But, doing so can increase the difficulty for your skin. There are many myths associated with applying and using sunscreen, which people often believe. Read here to know more about some such myths. (Myths about sunscreen in Hindi) Also Read – It is important to apply sunscreen even inside the house, otherwise it may cause damage to the skin.

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Sunscreen should not be applied in cold

Sunscreen can and should be used in all climates. Actually, our skin comes in contact with the rays of the sun every season. In this case, ultra violet rays can damage the skin. Applying sunscreen can prevent damage from these harmful rays of sunlight. (Myths about Sunscreen debunked) Also Read – Skin Care Tips: Valentine’s Day Special Skin Care Tips That Give Skin Special Splendor

In all seasons Sunscreen should be used as the sun comes out in every season and whenever the body is exposed to sunlight it is exposed to UV rays which can protect the sunscreen. Also Read – Skin Peeling Problem: If skin of hands starts peeling in winter, then apply these 2 natural things

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Sunscreen is the cause of skin cancer

Many people will be seen arguing that applying sunscreen causes skin cancer. However, according to experts this is only a myth. Because it is not yet confirmed that, sunscreen causes skin cancer. However, various studies have proven that applying sunscreen protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
This Sounds Crazy, but If You Wear Sunscreen in Winter Your Skin Will Age More Slowly | GQ

Sunscreens should only be applied to whites

This is also a myth (Myths about Sunscreen) which many people often repeat that people with dark or warm skin tone do not need to apply sunscreen. But this myth is completely wrong because, every kind of damage is done to the skin by sun rays. That is why everyone should wear sunscreen.

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